Will Holder
“Our Values Make Us Different,” part 7: ‘don't explain don't complain’

“Our Values Make Us Different,” part 7: ‘don’t explain don’t complain’. Framed ‘scrap’ of “House of Dust” by Alison Knowles (programmed by James Tenney), 1967; wall-drawing with adapted marker pen, straightedge and compass; Will Holder, 2019.

         Shelf                                           (after Norman Potter)
         Reading copies
F.R.DAVID, 17 issues
Series (with Alex Waterman):
        Between Thought and Sound
        The Tiger’s Mind
        Yes, But Is It Edible?
        in memoriam…Mary Cecil, Victoria Callihoo
       (née Belcourt), and Eleanor (Helene) Thomas Garneau
H.D., Palimpsest
Moyra Davey and Hervé Guibert – L’Impudeur
Chris Evans – Job Interviews

Cara Tolmie – Incongruous Diva (test pressing)
Postcommodity, Alex Waterman & Ociciwan –
in memoriam… Mary Cecil… 3 x LP box
Chris Evans – Errors Hit Orient
The Unseen (containing six dub plates for 5/4)

Image 1: Alice Notley, Doctor Williams’ Heiresses (excerpt)